Furniture Refinishing Services

We hand strip old finish, make any necessary repairs, and sand all surfaces to prepare the surface for new stain. A beautiful new finish is applied and hand-polished to bring out the item’s full beauty. With our custom color matching, we can ensure that your pieces will still look perfect together.

Antique Refinishing

Do you have a family heirloom or treasured piece that’s seen better days? With a fresh finish, it can look like new (or appropriately aged, if you prefer). Let us help.

Color Matching

Yes, you can refinish that piece and still have it match the rest of the set.

Attention to Detail

When we refinish your piece, we’ll remove all hardware and perform a detailed, careful staining, topcoat as appropriate, and then clean and reinstall the hardware.

Period Appropriate Repairs

If your item has seen better days, we can fix what’s broken before we give it a fresh new finish. Damages are repaired and missing/broken pieces carefully reproduced.

Furniture Refinishing FAQ

Can you restore my painted furniture with a new finish?

Once painted, furniture cannot be properly restored to it’s non-painted status. We do not work on painted items.

What is the difference between refinishing and restoration?

With restoration, the existing finish is cleaned and refreshed. With refinishing, the existing finish is stripped off entirely and completely replaced with a new finish.