Commercial Woodworking

Woodworking Services for Businesses

We provide restoration and refinishing services to restaurants and businesses with bulk needs, such as redoing all seating or refreshing all of the woodwork in your interior.

Refurbishing Seating

We can clean, restore, tighten, and fix all the wooden chairs in your restaurant or business.


Wooden tables can be restored, or if deeply scratched or damaged, refinished entirely.

Church Sanctuary Renewal

We specialize in restoring and renewing church sanctuaries. Whether it’s a dozen pews or more than a hundred, we’ll make your sanctuary shine. Check out our projects gallery to see just how good your sanctuary can look.

Bars, Stools, General Woodwork

We can make all of your woodwork look like new, fix any splits or cracks, and make the interior of your business shine.

On Site or In Our Building

We can work in phases that meet your needs – working in sections to avoid disrupting your business. That may mean performing the work on site or bringing your furniture to our fully equipped woodworking shop and returning it renewed.

Commercial Services FAQ

Will you work on site or take our furniture to your shop?

We will work in whatever manner is best suited to your business needs.

Can you refinish a hundred chairs for my restaurant?

Yes. We can work in phases to ensure that only a portion of your seating is out of circulation at any given time. Frequently, hairs only need to be restored and repaired, not completely refinished, which can result in big savings for the business owner.

Can you refinish painted pews?

No, unfortunately if a pew is painted, we cannot restore or refinish it with good results.